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“1 (life) / 0 (blackness) = infinity - infinity or infinity / infinity = indeterminate”*

Escaping through the edges and gaps of what presupposes universality, measurement, and classification, the bodies, arts, and thoughts of black people host the inescapable capacity to create, read and inhabit from and beyond this world. In the cinematographic field, the irradiation of the black light in the ways of making, thinking, and feeling Brazilian cinema motivates us to go after its traces, its discourses, and its materials.

What fractures and continuities arise from what we dare to call "black Brazilian cinema"? What is this collectivity we are naming? What does this categorization "black" and "Brazilian" include, exclude, and produce? How is/would/may a black film/art be, after all? What sensibilities are created and recreated from these film and audiovisual productions? What can we find when we excavate the Brazilian national filmography in search of these luminescences? How can we assemble and reassemble genealogies about black Brazilian cinema today? What is the place of authorship in this discussion? And that of critics?

Amidst heterogeneous, contradictory and infinite contours, we launch INDETERMINAÇÕES - a platform for criticism and black Brazilian cinema. Conceived by Lorenna Rocha and Gabriel Araújo, the project is dedicated to investigating and elaborating questions that touch the field of film criticism and black Brazilian cinema, from transdisciplinary perspectives.

INDETERMINAÇÕES' main lines of action are preservation, training, memory, research, and publication. We believe that walking through the past creates paths to elaborate the present and the future, after all, temporalities are not separate. From within the spirals of time, we will move to build public spaces of discussion where we can conjecture and confront the thoughts that permeate and extrapolate the understandings about black and Brazilian cinema, highlighting its heterogeneity and ambivalence.

*Excerpt from “A Dívida Impagável”, by Denise Ferreira da Silva

Lorenna Rocha

Conception, general direction, research and curation

Historian (UFPE), researcher, programmer and cultural critic. She was a writer at Revista Cinética (2021) and at the blog Sessão Aberta (2019-2021). She is editor and critic of the web jornal Quarta Parede. She has publications in books, film catalogs, websites and blogs such as Verberenas and CineFestivals. She participated in training programs such as 4th Talent Press Rio (2019) and Júri Jovem - 24th Tiradentes Film Festival (2021). She was the programmer of the Competitiva Internacional at the 23rd FestCurtasBH. He teaches classes about film and theater criticism and black theaters and cinemas. She is programming at the XIV Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife.

Gabriel Araújo

Conception, general direction, research and curation

Journalist (UFMG), programmer and film critic. He is a writer and reporter for Folha de S. Paulo, co-founder and curator of Cineclube Mocambo, and part of the collectives Zanza and Lena Santos. He was part of the curatorship team of shows and festivals such as Cinecipó, América Negra, LONA, among others, and has publications on websites and film catalogs. One of the critics selected for Talent Press Rio 2021, he was also a young jury for the 2nd Black Audiovisual Week and a Jury for the Competitiva Minas of the 23rd FestCurtasBH.

Ana Júlia Silvino

Social Media and Translation

Undergraduate student in Radio, TV and Internet (UFJF). Community Manager at Aerolito - a future’s literacy ecosystem. She is a cultural journalist at Descolonizarte - a decolonial visual arts magazine - and works as a film critic. She participated in the 5th Talent Press Rio (RJ), was part of the Young Júri - 24th Tiradentes Film Festival (MG) and Primeiro Plano 2020, film festival in Juiz de Fora. She was part of the curatorship of Cineclube Lumière e Cia (UFJF) and, in 2021, was part of the curatorial body of the Fade to Black Festival feature-length screenplay competition. She is part of the communication team of INDETERMINAÇÕES - a platform for criticism and Brazilian black cinema. Finally, she has collaborated in electronic critical magazines, such as Revista Cinética (SP) and Verberenas (DF).

Renan Eduardo

Social Media

Bacharel em Cinema e Audiovisual pela PUC Minas. É criador, produtor e apresentador do Podcast Cinema em Transe - dedicado exclusivamente ao cinema brasileiro. Atuou por seis meses no projeto Projeto Providência de Extensão da PUC Minas junto ao acampamento do MST "Pátria Livre" (MG), integrou o Júri do Festival do Minuto na categoria “Melhor minuto” (2020), 1º Inhapim Cine Festival (2020) na categoria "Melhor média-metragem" e atuou como Júri Jovem - 25° Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes (MG).

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